Below are frequently asked questions.

Once you have a tenancy agreement or purchase documents and have decided what you want to trade.
If the walls need to be repaired, separated or repainted, it would be best to choose "Euro walls". They are made of pressed dust panels and the facade is covered with laminate of different colors. Aluminum inserts are installed or intervened in the milled grooves, allowing the board to withstand higher weights. If you choose "Euro walls", you will not need to repair or paint the walls, because the walls will cover the wall defects. This will save you money without doing wall repairs. You can also easily separate the rooms with the "Euro Walls". Euro walls are available in a variety of colors and imitations of wood. "Euro walls" are convenient due to the possibility to choose different gaps for the grooves of the inserts (every 10; 15; 20 cm.), It is useful to make the most of the trade wall, knowing the sizes of the displayed goods. It is also convenient to change the accessories of the euro wall when the range of goods changes, for example: if you have exhibited shoes on shelves, you want to change to hangers that display the fronts or sides of clothes. You will not need to perform any additional repairs, all you have to do is replace the Euro Wall accessories. You can use the "Euro Wall" for a very wide range of goods (for hanging clothes on various fronts, shelves for shoes, shelves for household appliances, hooks for accessories, spectacle holders, sports equipment exhibitors: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/euro-wall/
Which is the cheapest store equipment? It would be cheapest to choose tubular constructions and make a layout of commercial equipment in the room. After purchasing the necessary connections and pipes, cut the pipes to the appropriate lengths and connect them with the appropriate connections: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/tubes-and-accessories/ If you do not want to do it yourself, we can produce according to the following dimensions: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/tubular-structures/ It is also possible to choose already manufactured inexpensive equipment: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/class-b-commercial-equipment/
New standard equipment sold by us is usually cheaper than used, individually designed and manufactured shop equipment sold by us. Because mass production can be of the same quality as individual production, but the price can vary several times. Because handmade is most often used for individual orders, and machine tools or robots are used for standard furniture. Chromed steel is also used for mass production, and stainless steel and powder coating are used for individual equipment. Another argument is that we do not buy standard used commercial equipment because it is not expensive, and when we buy a used one, we would have to sell it even cheaper, which does not buy us the transportation and storage costs.
A) If you want an exclusive design store and do not want to see similar equipment from competitors, buy used equipment: www.prekybineiranga.lt
B) If you are interested in functional, inexpensive equipment that performs its functions - choose from new equipment: prekybos-iranga.lt/en/
As I mentioned before, 'Euro walls' are mostly used to hide messy walls or require an exclusive design. The profiles perform practically the same function as the "Euro seeds", only the price of the equipment is cheaper. The accessories of the profile system can also be easily changed without dismantling: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/class-a-commercial-equipment/profile-systems/
Pipe constructions should be chosen if you know the exact range and layout of the goods, if you want to change the locations or range of the goods, you will not be able to do it easily. You must disassemble and install the equipment. Pipe constructions are cheaper than profile systems. Accessories for profile systems change very easily.
All accessories of the old model profile system are suitable for the mobile profile system. Mobile system profiles do not need to be attached to the wall, they can be mounted on the wall with an L-shaped base or placed in a hall with a T-shaped base and used on both sides. Mobile system crossbars 1.20 m. length: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/class-a-commercial-equipment/mobile-profile-system/
The main difference is that the possible widths of the profile system (new model and old): 1.20; 1; 0.60 m. New model profile system accessories, not suitable for old model system accessories. The profile system of the new model is narrower, but the metal thickness is the same as the old 2 mm, it withstands loads as well. To protect the profile of the new model from bending, the screws should be tightened more frequently into the profile. The accessories of the new model profile are with three small hooks that fit into the profile, and the old one with two larger ones: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/class-a-commercial-equipment/profile-systems/ All accessories for Black, Quadro Silver, mobile and old model systems are compatible with each other. The widths of the Black and Quadro Silver profile systems are available every 60 cm. The accessories of these systems are also made of square metal, so their design is more exclusive, its angularity gives the commercial equipment luxury. The Black profile system is coated in black and the Quadro Silver is chrome-plated, making the Quadro Silver more durable.
You can choose "Euro walls" or network systems. We would suggest those who want a more luxurious image and can afford to invest a larger amount of money in store equipment to choose "Euro Walls". Choosing network systems can save money, but the image will also suffer, but the functionality will remain the same: https://prekybos-iranga.lt/en/product-category/commercial-equipment-from-wire/mesh-equipment-for-trade/
These bags for heavy goods are definitely more expensive and stronger.
In stock we can only offer used counters and showcases. We produce new counters and showcases in standard dimensions, you can choose the desired wood texture, production term from 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the availability of the workshop). 2 weeks is the minimum, because it takes just as long to temper the glass. We produce only from tempered glass, due to customer safety and higher weight resistance. Choosing not from the base colors and wood texture can change the price.
Really, the difference in these prices is about three times. "Universal" hangers are perfect for blouses or shirts. Hanging pants on them will take more time and increase the chances of uneven hooking and creasing. By using “pants” hangers, the seller will spend much less time hanging the garment, and will also be more comfortable for the customer. "Pants" hangers use strong two clips that hold the garment firmly. The "universal" suspension has a swivel hook that you can tilt in the desired direction.