Select the desired delivery method

In online store goods can be ordered at any time of day, any day of the week. When ordering the goods, you can choose the most convenient delivery method for you. The goods can be delivered to your home or you can withdraw them yourself in one of the Lithuanian post offices or one of product withdrawal points by calling beforehand.

Get the goods directly to your address:


Up to 5 kg – 5 Euros

From 5 – 30 kg – 10 euros

From 30 – 50 kg – 15 EUR

From 50-100 kg – EUR 30

From 100-200 kg – EUR 50

Products up to 25 kg delivered to the recipient’s door without any additional fees. Goods weighing more than 25 kg are delivered only to the recipient’s adress. Cost for carrying up-to-door of bulky and / or heavy products (eg., The euro walls, pipes, etc., etc. ..) is 10 euros. You can order this additional service while placing an order.
Without ordering services mentioned above, the courier will deliver the (s) item (s) up to your address.

Do not pay for the delivery of goods:

(Meduvio 1-oji g. 44G, Senojo Tarpupio k., Senųjų Trakų sen., Trakų r. sav.)

To receive ordered goods quickly, but also to don’t pay for the delivery of goods, your order can be withdrawn directly from an online store product withdrawal point. While shopping during the booking process, you just have to note that you pick up products yourself. You can pay in cash for the goods you pick up at withdrawal point. Ordered goods from the point of withdrawing products must be withdrawn within 3 working days after our confirmation that the order has been prepared and it has to be withdrawn. You will be informed about prepared order by email or phone.

The receipt of goods
While recieving or picking up the goods check the condition of your shipment and products and sign invoice (bill of lading) or another batch transfer document. In case you during the transfer of goods you notice damage in external appearance or item (s) arrangement discrepancies you must check it in the invoice, delivery note or another batch transfer document and in the presence of our representative who delivered goods to you or employee of Lithuanian Post who issued The Consignment write free-form items and / or the product (s) damage / inconsistencies act. Without those actions we do not accept liability for:

  1. goods damage, if reason for such damage is not factory defect
  2. trade arrangements discrepancies, if these discrepancies can identified by external inspection of goods.