About us

JSC „NNPI“ (New and used commercial equipment)

Flexible, responsible company that gives special attention to its clients and seeks to become a reliable business partner. Having started its activities over 10 years ago, the metal tubular construction company is rapidly moving forward, expanding the commercial import of equipment, design and production sphere and mastering new technologies. JSC NNPI offers a full range of services for shop installation, ranging from individual store interior concept and its design to installation of manufactured commercial equipment and post warranty service. Also according to clients orders we manufacture individual equipment mainly with tubular systems.

We can offer a wide range of equipment from our trade partners or design and manufacture trade equipment according to individual order.

For the successful marketing it is very important to correctly present the product to the consumer, so that the product is clearly visible, however, takes up a minimum of retail space. Euro wall that we offer the allows for optimal use of use trade area.

Our commercial equipment is multifunctional, so it can meet any individual needs. It is easy to install and reinstall, suitable to exhibit any product and gives the room a unique atmosphere.

We offer a large asortiment of trade equipment where everybody can find needed commercial shelve or clothing rack that meets their needs. We offer a choice of a variety of sizes, shapes, and production of different manufacturers . From the very good quality of Italian producers WASTEWATER to economic clothes racks and shelves and tubular structures produced in neighboring Poland. We also buy and sell used commercial equipment, rent clothes hangers for events celebrations or parties more information can be found on our website: www.prekybineiranga.lt

Our quality is significantly higher than the price!


A flexible system of discounts when purchasing goods from Vilnius warehouse:
1. 500 eurų – 5% discount
2. 1000 eurų – 10% discount
3. 1500 eurų – 15% discount
All prices include VAT !!!

Please contact us before you arrive at the warehouse to pick up the goods!


Our office in Klaipėda
Kairių 9, Phone.: 8 657 19191

Our office in Vilnius:
Meduvio 1-oji g. 44G, Senojo Tarpupio k., Senųjų Trakų sen., Trakų r. sav., phone.: 8 684 22221

Address of used equipment:
Ežero g. 39, Lazdijai, phone.: 8 684 22221